Mission and purpose of Raahe District Business Services

Raahe District Business Services serves regional businesses and those planning to start a business in the region by offering a wide range of information and assistance. Business Services provides advice on such things as starting, developing and financing a business as well as transferring ownership. We also provide information on available commercial space in the Raahe region.

Business Services is comprised of four different service units:
- Advisory Services
- Development Projects
- Partner Network Development
- Facility Services

In addition, Business Services offers a variety of focused services, which include business mentoring, the Business Interpreter Database, the World Map for charting international connections and adult education service OpinTori. Business Services also does a wide range of short and long-term development work, using various funding channels.

Services provided to businesses are primarily free of charge.

Business Services is part of the Raahe District Development Center. The idea behind Raahe District Business Services is to promote the founding, growth and competitiveness of businesses and, in turn, enhance the welfare of the entire Raahe region.

The City of Raahe and municipalities of Pyhäjoki and Siikajoki are the primary sources of funding for Business Services.