Major projects and preparing for them

This site contains information on major projects to be implemented in the Raahe District and areas in its immediate vicinity and on actions taken in relation to them.

Events Calendar (in Finnish) contains information on topical events organised by different cooperation partners and the Useful links section lists l links to web portals and the websites of cooperation partners.

The construction of the Fennovoima nuclear power plant in Hanhikivenniemi, Pyhäjoki, is one of the largest industrial investments in Finland and requires effective cooperation between actors in the private and the public sector and a way of working that transcends the boundaries between municipalities, subregions and regions. The Hanhikivi 1 project is a major challenge for the area, but handled well, it is also a tremendous opportunity. For further information on the project, refer to the Nuclear power section of the site.

Professional handling of a major project enhances the reputation of the area as one that also provides opportunities for the implementation of significant investment projects. More effective development of service concepts targeted at residents and businesses and offering these services to residents and businesses in a clear and effective way are ways to ensure the successful implementation of major projects. The preparative measures carried out include the Hanhikivi Guide, implemented in cooperation with neighbouring subregions, that contains information on the operating environment in the area and on potential cooperation partners for operators entering the area. For more information, see Preparative measures.

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