Internationalization services for businesses in the Raahe region

Raahe District Business Services’ Internationalization services promotes the growth of regional businesses, particularly in the Barents Region, which comprises Northern Sweden, Northern Norway and Northwest Russia.
Services for the development of international business are provided in accordance with each business' needs in the Barents Regions as well as other market areas, such as Scandinavia and Central Europe. Concrete services include internationalization assessments, market analyses, consultations related to international trade taxation and legislation.

Our personnel services are free of charge to businesses. Regional SMEs have the opportunity to also take advantage of international business advisers outsourced through competitive bidding. Projects can also be used to provide SMEs with a maximum 50% share of adviser costs, when services are purchased from advisers outsourced for the project through competitive bidding.

If necessary, briefings and international seminars tackling different subjects, company visits abroad, participation in trade fairs and other activities promoting internationalization are also organized for internationalizing businesses.

Enterprise Finland Internationalization services; information and links for those aiming to enter international markets

Further information:

Hillevi Ylitorvi
International Affairs
tel. +358 40 830 3185